Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith


Find out how you can avoid problems with locks and ensure your business stays safe at all times with commercial locksmith services.

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The security of your business is only as good as your lock. Whether it’s the lock of a gate, door, or file cabinet, its impact on your safety levels can be significant. If your lock doesn’t work properly or is hard to open or close, it’s a sign that you need to contact a commercial locksmith. At Locksmith Encinitas we’ve made commercial locks one of our specialties. We can repair, rekey, and replace locks, and more.Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locks Repair and Replacement

Are you unable to enter your commercial property because of a faulty lock? Our fast business locksmith can provide an effective, all-inclusive service. We repair and rekey locks where possible, and replace them where necessary. We can do this for gates, exterior and interior doors, garages, and furniture with a lock system, like file cabinets. Our commercial locksmith services can help keep your business secure.

Lockout Service When You Need It

When you need to restrict or block access to an area, a padlock or deadbolt can be a simple yet effective solution. It’s faster to install than more advanced systems, costs less, and can provide sufficient security. Whether you need to repair an old commercial lock or install a new one, it’s preferable to work with a specialized commercial locksmith as opposed to a residential locksmith. You’ll see better results and get more value for your money.

Auto Locks Repairs

Need the steering wheels or your company car unlocked? Or maybe you’ve lost your ignition key? These are only some of the essential car lock repair services we provide. Automobiles are an important asset for any company, and you and your employees should be able to use them with ease. A car lock problem can easily render unusable an otherwise functional vehicle. As a commercial locksmith, we offer a fast response service for these problems, so you can make the best possible use of your assets.

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Locksmith Encinitas is committed to providing high-quality locksmith services to businesses of all sizes. Our experts can work on both outdoor and outdoor projects, adapting to your needs. 

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