Lock Change vs. Intrusions

Lock Change vs. Intrusions

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Thieves make their choices and so do you. They may pass by many houses until they find the ideal target and the only way to ensure that this won't be your house is through lock change. This is definitely not a game and it doesn't have to do with which side you are on. Who wants to get robbed? The question is whether your house is on their list of target houses or not.Lock Change vs. Intrusions

a. If you replace the locks often, you are obviously excluded.
b. If you never leave lock repair out of your obligations, you are also excluded.
c. If you don't know the meaning of lock replacement, we need to warn you: someone is at your door.

Don't forget that intruders are simple people, who are creatures of habit and love easy work. They will never attempt to break into your house when they can have an easier access in the next door home. Have you ever tried to get into their psychology? They are not masters of technology and they don't like spending a lot of time trying to open a lock risking being seen or caught. You might be afraid of them but they are afraid of you, too. For these reasons, you need to do your best to keep them away.

• When you have the old locks replaced before they become weak, rusty and unable to protect you, you have already made a major step into winning the bet over home invasions. New locksmith technologies would enable you to install durable systems, which they will be reliable and hard to violate. Don't forget that these days you have the chance of installing electronic locks, too.
• In the meantime, you need to make two promises to yourself. The first one concerns your obligation to check the condition of all locks around the house in every entry point and make the necessary lock and key repair. The second one is related to your privacy. Don't ever tell anyone details of your security system, especially online.

3 things that would challenge intruders

1. Old, loose locks. It would clearly demonstrate the lack of recent lock replacement and they will be easy to pick.
2. Doors and windows, which are not locked properly or not locked at all.
3. Any gap under or around the garage door.
The locksmith tip of the day: don't forget the importance of lights. Reinforce lighting around the house. Intruders prefer working in the dark.

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